About my sessions

What is your session about?

I can assist you in becoming aware of things you may not have noticed before. However, for this to work, you need to be open to change and willing to develop good habits, thoughts, and actions based on what you learn. After our sessions, you may discover new insights and possibilities. To fully integrate everything we discuss, you need to address and change the things in your life that require attention. The more you intend to change a specific pattern, the better your results will be. Remember that personal development requires dedication, and the tools we use in our sessions are no exception.

How many sessions should I have?

You have the freedom to decide how many sessions you want to attend. However, spacing them out by at least seven days to two weeks so you have enough time to integrate them all is recommended.

What Should I expect from a session?

Take a moment to let go of your worries and set your intentions. Your subconscious mind will release any obstacles that are holding you back. By focusing on your intention, you will gain clarity and make better decisions. You may experience significant changes in your life, so be prepared. When we release negative energy, we open ourselves up to new opportunities and higher levels of understanding. It's essential to be open to change and let go of any beliefs or behaviours that no longer serve us. We can maximize our sessions and achieve powerful results through detachment and surrender.

Things you may experience during the session:

During the session, you may experience a powerful deprogramming of behaviours and beliefs that no longer serve your interests. Through the use of commands, these beliefs will be transformed. Additionally, you will upgrade your subconscious mind and gain awareness of why you create certain experiences. This newfound awareness will give you the power to change them. Furthermore, you will become aware of patterns and behaviours that may result from early experiences, ancestral beliefs, and cultural influences.