About Me

My name is Fabiola, and I consider myself a diligent student of life. I have always been interested in understanding the subconscious mind and how spiritual practices can impact our daily lives positively. I have become more aware of my negative patterns through practices such as Thetahealing, meditation, yoga, dream analysis, and anything that would connect me deeply with my subconscious. These practices have enabled me to gradually change my belief system by removing imprints, contracts, and repetitive behaviours that no longer serve me.

The journey of self-awareness is full of discoveries, followed by limitless expansion of consciousness. This expansion happens daily, and we can either do it consciously or become a victim of circumstances. By questioning ourselves about our existence and understanding that we are responsible for creating our lives, we become more assertive and in tune with our higher selves.

My goal is to assist people in becoming aware of their repetitive patterns and actively clear their subconscious minds. As an energy shifter, I work on subtle and "invisible" fields to improve well-being and connect with higher realities of consciousness. I assist in unlocking negative patterns so you can have the strength and resilience to make significant changes in your life.